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Self Defense Products & Personal Safety Equipment: Taser International

Self Defense Products: The TASER International Mission is to prevent conflict, protect life and resolve disputes with personal safety equipment that make communities ...


Taser - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

A Taser is an electroshock weapon sold by Taser International. It uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing " neuromuscular incapacitation".


How To Choose A Taser Device

Choosing a TASER is a lot easier than you think. To begin with, there are only a handful of TASERs. Stun guns and TASERs are not the same. We are going to show you ...


Taser® Weapon Nonlethal Weapons Of The Future

TASER® Weapons fire 50,000 volts and drop an assailant from up to 15 feet away.


Self Defense Products: Taser Products For Civilians

TASER Products are a better option for self defense than mace, pepper spray, or stun guns. See why by checking out our products!


Buy A Taser Gun

Buy a taser gun to protect yourself, your family and your home. We also offer an abundance of quality information on the taser gun, including demonstration videos ...


Best Stun Gun - Taser Specialists Since 2003

Free Shipping on all Stun Gun and Taser Gun Orders. Click or dial 1-866-321-7886 and we'll Help You Select the Right Product. Guaranteed! Ships in 24 Hours.


Taser | Ebay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...

Find great deals on eBay for taser and stun gun. Shop with confidence.


Taser | Define Taser At Dictionary.com

Trademark. Often, TASER. a brand name for a gunlike device that uses propelled wires or direct contact to electrically stun and incapacitate a person temporarily ...



The taser is a good alternative to lethal handguns when seeking personal protection. The taser we offer is the original stun device manufactured by Taser International.


Taser - C2, M-18, M-18l Stun Guns

TASER products such as the X-26C and the TASER C2 save lives every day. TASER International provides devices for use in law enforcement, corrections, private security ...


Electroshock Weapon - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

However, Taser International no longer claims the devices are "non-lethal", instead saying they "are more effective and safer than other use-of-force options".


Taser - Definition Of Taser By The Free Online Dictionary ...

Ta·ser (t z r) A trademark used for a high-voltage stun gun. Taser [ˈteɪzə] (sometimes not capital) n (Military / Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery)™ a ...


Amazon.com: Taser

SABRE RED Police Strength Pepper Spray - Compact, Pink Case with Quick Release Key Ring & 25 shots, 5Xs more than the competition for max protection


Taser Videos | Videos | Break.com

In 1969, a NASA researcher named Jack Cover began developing an electroshock device intended to be used as a non-lethal weapon that could be used by the military and ...


Buy Taser C2, Get Instant Rebate And Free Shipping

Buy a TASER C2, ideal personal defense for women and men. The TASER C2 is the safest, most effective personal protection device. TASERs are legal in most states ...


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Alex Feaster

I also got a thirty minute speech about self defense and how I should carry a taser. Hahaha

Kayla Larson

“@Visitar: the only thing missing last night was the taser lol” @Visitar


“@Visitar: the only thing missing last night was the taser lol”

Stay True ♡

@Visitar thats wassup and what taser I said I would think about it

J Lopez

After seeing what a taser can do last night I want one now

J Lopez

I want a taser


@Visitar auntieee yu ugly n were my damn taser


@Visitar I HATE sleeping with my hair wet because I wakeup looking like a Maltese that went through a dryer after being hit w/a taser.

Fola Oyinmiebi

A taser is a niggas best friend.

Delanie White

I'm still super pumped I got to use my taser on someone last night!

Scott the Fish

I used a taser recreationally last night.

Drakono Raul

RT @Visitar: You had me at 'taser'.


So yesterday I thought @Visitar left her sunglasses in our locker so I grabbed them. Nope. It's a taser.



Luke Bright

Hopefully neither one will mention the Taser incident to dad. Steve did remind me though that I shouldn’t let him push me around. :/


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